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Easter eggs D

Ragdoll Easter Bunnie Biscuits

Ragdoll Easter Bunnie Biscuits

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How did Easter eggs and bunnies come about

My Grandpa used to tell us, quite pompously, about a lot of interesting things that happened “in my day”. Obviously, a lot of it he made up. I mean who is going to believe that motor cars had combustion engines that would make a huge grumbling noise and shoot out large puffs of dirty gas. Or that there were trees and plants everywhere in the city and books made from paper.

Of course, I had seen the pictures in the digital books, but come on, who believes that those things existed and not all that long ago. I sometimes think that my Grandpa is older than climate change, which has been with us for millions of years.
I was eight in the year 2030 when Grandpa told me that Easter was not just a time for church and Prayer but also a time for exchanging gifts usually of iced vanilla/chocolate Easter bunnies biscuits and also vanilla/chocolate Easter eggs. Decorated biscuits of bunnies and eggs were amazingly

Grandpa was special, weird too. When I was a couple of years younger he knew everything and then he forgot everything, knew nothing. When I pointed this out to him he sighed and said, “I knew it wouldn’t last, but it was good while it did”.

One day my grandpa told me that he and Grandma used to make biscuits for a living many years ago. The best tastiest biscuits shaped and decorated like Easter bunnies or Easter eggs or just about any shape you can think of, colours and flavours too. He said that they couldn’t make as many Easter biscuits as people wanted even if they worked late into the night. There were no better gifts to give than decorated Easter biscuits.
He said That he and grandma stopped making biscuits when the sugar police instructed them to do so.

My grandpa spent a lot of time pottering around in the old workshop/laboratory in the backyard where he kept a whole bunch of non-digital tools, not even a 4D printer anywhere to be seen.

One afternoon he came running inside and said to Granny. “Do you want to eat vanilla biscuits, chocolate biscuits, cake, cupcakes and all those delicious tasty things and have gifts to give this Easter?” He started to drool, a normal grandpa thing but then granny did too. A most ungranny like thing.
Granny said “Yes”, thinking that he had found a way to make them until he added. “Oh, Yes you may also become young again. But that’s not guaranteed”. Now Granny was intrigued. Youth and chocolate biscuits, what else could one wish for?

“It’s quite easy.” He said to a very eager yet cautious Granny as he escorted her to the shed, “all we have to do is slow down completely. it’s 2030 now if we slow down enough so that we don’t travel with time it will overtake us. When the year we want gets to us we can just return to normal speed”. He said.
“What was that year you liked so much?”
“2020” answered Grandma, then they were out of hearing.

I was standing on the arm of the couch, I am eight remember, looking out of the window when I saw them drift slowly passed arm in arm. Or was I drifting and it was they who were standing still? Either way, they soon passed out of sight but not out of mind.

A few days later they returned laden down with chocolate Easter bunny and Easter eggs biscuits, chocolate, vanilla, ginger and much more.

Grandpa hadn’t known if the “will” engine would work as well as the “won’t” engine but as it turned out they both worked well and they visited the past and returned.

I suppose if he is right then it is the second time that Easter bunny and egg biscuits came to be, not the first!