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  • Sharks, dolphins, whales starfish, fish 500
  • 30th birthday biscuits B5
  • Kirra-sea-themed-biscuits-B-tiny_1 &800
  • Kiddies biscuits - Minnie Mouse &800
  • Alex's sneakers and round biscuits
  • Princess dresses biscuits B
  • Peppa the Pig and George
  • mermaid tails C
  • Tractors - kiddies D
  • Unicorns
  • Pyramid biscuits for Chloe
  • Baby shower animals biscuits
  • Watermelon biscuits
  • anita wedding oreos C &800



Hi Jill
Just wanted to let you know that I received the cookies and they look amazing!!! So happy with them…especially those killer whales :)
Thank you so much for your hard work.
Have a blessed day further.


Contact Jill; 083 318 1762 or email; – We Courier Our Biscuits Nationwide


Wild animal biscuits 500

Wild animal biscuits 500


“Just Biscuits” may make just biscuits, but we have plenty to offer, namely;

Homemade and custom made designer iced and decorated biscuits of just about any shape, size and flavour, biscuits for anniversaries, birthdays, babies, bridal showers, weddings, engagements, baby showers,  kiddies, babies & teenagers. Yip! everyone. We also do a lot of work for corporates and businesses. Logos and slogans on biscuits are a sure way to impress customers and prospects.  

Circus biscuits 300
Circus biscuits 300
Hi Jill. Just received the package. The biscuits are superb. I love them. Thank you for your efficient service. And the beautiful biscuits. Zakia

Dear Jill,

Thank you very much! The most beautiful cookies arrived today in time for Friday’s party. I just love them! Thank you for your friendly, efficient service and the great product.

All the best,

Celebrate your special occasions.

Birthday biscuits, Easter biscuits, Wedding biscuits, Biscuits for businesses, Special occasion, Anniversary biscuits, Corporate Biscuits, Birthday biscuits, Party Biscuits, Event biscuits, Babies Shower Biscuits, Valentine’s biscuits and much more.

  • Foschini - Diamond Rings
  • Summer Themed Biscuits
  • Pregnancy reveal
  • paw patrol C
  • Christmas stocking and reindeer
  • Princess dresses biscuits B
  • Alex's sneakers biscuits
  • Alex's sneakers and round biscuits
  • Alex's Ballet biscuits
  • Care Bears
  • Baby shower biscuits
  • Peppa the Pig and George
  • wedding ring

We offer some specials to our clients and future clients:

                  Custom homemade biscuits

  • Biscuits decorated and iced in just about any way you can dream up.
    • Different colours
    • Different shapes
    • 3D shapes (gingerbread house)
    • You ask, we do, or the nearest thing to.
  • Each biscuit is individually wrapped in cellophane to retain the freshness and amazing taste
    • Ginger biscuits – Customers have told us that they ate ginger biscuits from a sealed packet and after 6 months they were still fresh
    • Vanilla biscuits – We have had feedback from clients saying that they were still fresh after a month
  • We courier our biscuits nationwide, safely
  • Biscuits of just about any shape or size are available