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  • Tiara On Kloof (500)
  • Medi-clinic
  • Edgars perfume bottle
  • 'UP' Pole & Aerial Fitness - official opening 5
  • Pandora JewellryThe Lion King release biscuits 600
  • Business Corporate biscuits - SACS &800




Morning Jill,
Just wanted to thank you for an absolutely amazing cake and the most delicious biscuits. I’m so glad I came across your website, what a find!
Hope you have a great day further.


Contact Jill; 083 318 1762 or email;  – We Courier Our Biscuits Nationwide


Hi Jill. Just received the package. The biscuits are superb. I love them. Thank you for your efficient service. And the beautiful biscuits. Zakia
The Lion King release biscuits 300
The Lion King release biscuits 300

One of our very interesting cookie / biscuit orders was from Pandora who wanted 900 biscuits for there customers. They coincided the opening of their new range of “lion King” jewelry with the release of the movie of the same name.

Company Cookies

If you are looking for a way to reward your customers then get some handmade company cookies from “Just-biscuits”.
These cookies can be Decorated To Your Own Design. Please Call Today For A Free Quote.

Put Your Logo On The Cookies Or Your Customer’s. Either Way The Outcome Will Be Positive. Discuss Business Biscuit Designs And Decorations With Jill Our Very Talented Decorator. We do Nationwide delivery. Different Flavours for different clients.

'UP' Pole & Aerial Fitness - official opening 5

 Unique Gifts for clients

We do a lot of work for corporations, companies and businesses. Logos and slogans on biscuits are a sure way to impress customers and prospects. Tasty advertising works!

Call Jill now to discuss designing your own decorated & iced biscuits.

We also create homemade and custom made designer iced and decorated biscuits of just about any shape, size and flavour, biscuits for anniversaries, birthdays, babies, bridal showers, weddings, engagements, baby showers,  kiddies, babies & teenagers. Yip! everyone.

Are corporate gifts important to your company? Yes! We have no doubt they are. * I saved the best for last but maybe you are they type of person who wants to read it first.

Here are some reasons why corporate gifts are a benefit to you and your business. If you are already giving your business is already sending gifts to your customers then maybe you can find a slightly unusual gift something that will make them remember you, with a big smile.

As can be seen from the images on this page, biscuits can be the perfect answer for your company. Lovely gifts that look great, are artfully decorated to your design, are individually sealed AND they taste awesome. “Epic” is the term to use nowadays I believe.

Importance of Corporate Gifts

One of the most important things about giving personalised corporate gifts is that they reinforce your brand. Corporate gifts as a marketing aid are trending and you want to keep a step ahead of the herd.

An email can help keep the relationship fresh. Whether it is a personal ‘Happy Birthday’ or a more general ‘Blessed or Happy Christmas’, ‘Happy Eid’ or ‘Happy Easter’, etc., but this digital greeting does not nearly match the goodwill and respect generated by a real gift.

Corporate gifts can keep your business relationship with your client healthy and strong.

Corporate gifts bring you close to your client regardless of the physical distance between you.

Gifting sets you apart from your competition. Companies are more and more starting to gift. Giving an appropriate gift with a difference will keep you ahead.

Custom made biscuits for companies, businesses and corporates are the answer. Look at the images on this page and you can see that you can have biscuits custom made for you and your client. Different shapes, size, colours, flavours, decorations, etc. are available.

Talk to our designer now to discuss your ideas.

* I have saved the best for last.

A lot of the biscuits we made for businesses and companies were not for the customers but for the staff. It is as important to think of your staff as it is to think of your clients. Your members of staff are often the face of your company and it is they to whom you clients re-act. Plus they are the people who are doing the job.

Not only that, when they get some lovely specially designed custom biscuits they will love you, when they taste them… Well, what more can I say.